How To Make A Small Garden In Front Of The House For Narrow Land

Have a vacant lot in front of the house? Better to use it as a garden. Narrow land is not an obstacle to making a garden, because there are many ways to make a small garden in front of the house that is worth a try.

The garden is not limited to functioning to beautify the house, more than that to provide green space and provide a beautiful touch and cool air.

Here’s how to get around making a garden on limited land.

Everything has to be planned, right? Including gardening. A beautiful garden is always created from careful and neat planning. So plan ahead…

Starting from what kind of garden design you want, what kind of function in the future. For example, just for a green area with various kinds of plants, a garden to relax complete with garden chairs, a garden with a fish pond, or a garden for gardening though.

Try the land that will be made a garden is not the main road of the house, so as not to be trampled. But you can still work around this by placing stepping stones.

Making a garden is not only for beautiful views, but also thinking about the location of the placement. The aspect that you need to pay close attention to is the lighting from the sun. Because not all the front of the house is exposed to sunlight. There must be a house that lacks or even gets too much sunlight.

After planning and determining the location of the land, it is time for you to prepare the land. There are two stages that you have to do in preparation, namely land clearing and improving land quality. Clean the land from garbage, especially plastic waste. Also remove distracting objects. Let the land completely empty first.

Then enter the stage of loosening the soil, so that later the plants you plant can grow to the maximum. You can loosen the soil with a hoe so that water and oxygen can be absorbed easily; also add fertilizer evenly. You need to know, not all land is good for planting optimally.

Therefore, prepare the land properly to maintain nutrients.

The selection of plants should not be limited to liking and wanting to be at home. You also have to consider the climate, weather conditions, and sunlight. If you are confused about choosing a suitable plant, don’t hesitate to ask the seller. Also ask the seller how to plant and care for the plants you want to buy.

Another thing you should also consider is the size of the plant. Do not let the size of the plant does not match the shape of your land.

Remember, making a garden is not a one-time job. After you finish your garden, then there is a maintenance process that you must do regularly.

Plants in the garden cannot grow by themselves and need your help as a garden owner to continue to care for them. Schedule regular garden maintenance. Starting from cleaning the garden from garbage and pests, watering the plants regularly, and giving fertilizer according to the dose.

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