Inspirational Aluminum Door Models For Modern Minimalist Homes

A house with an aluminum door model will give an attractiveness to a minimalist modern dwelling. Want to use this material for doors? Take a look at the design in this article.

Aluminum alloy type is a material that is often used as a construction material. This type of aluminum is a combination of aluminum metal and other materials. This material is strong and can be found as a building material. Such as pipes, wires, nails, building frames to doors.

Aluminum material is also suitable for use on the main door or other doors in the house. Visually, the main door can look modern and minimalist with the use of aluminum. Interested in using it at home?

Here we present 8 inspirational aluminum door models that you can choose from.

Aluminum Door Model for Main Access

The main door in the house is the thing that really supports the appearance of the house as a whole. The main door must also pay attention to the design, color and material used. If you want to use aluminum for the main door material, the following models can be an option.

1. Black Sliding Aluminum Door Model

In order to get an elegant impression on your home, you can choose a sliding main door with black aluminum material. The long vertical door handle or handle will also give a charming modern and minimalist impression. The use of glass on both sides of the door can also provide a beautiful appearance as well as ventilation of the room.

Choose a glass frame that is attached to the door.

2. Aluminum and Glass Door Model

The house will look beautiful with the main door with black aluminum framed glass. This door model is suitable to be applied to exposed walls so that it gives an industrial impression to the appearance of the house. Use a two-door door model so that it gives the impression of width and relief in the entrance area.

3. Wide Aluminum Door Model

The exterior of a modern minimalist style house will look more attractive with the use of a wide main door. Don’t forget to choose a door that is adapted to the wall or design concept for harmony.

4. Minimalist Door Model with Glass

As discussed earlier, the door design can give a certain impression on the appearance of the house. If you want to display a minimalist design, then the use of white or gray aluminum framed doors can be an option. On the door, use dark colored glass so that sunlight can still enter, but it doesn’t feel hot and still provides shade.

5. Slim Aluminum Door

Show the simplicity of the house by using a sleek main door model. Choose a brown color to give an elegant and modern impression. Use a door that has a glass side so that it gives a beautiful accent to the front view.

Aluminum Door Model for Room Door

There are several parts of the house that must have a door. Here are some models of aluminum door designs for rooms in the house.

6. Wood Combination Aluminum Door Model

Combining aluminum and wood is an idea that you can try. You can use it for the dining room door or other room. The use of this model door will give a modern and warm impression in the house.

7. Unique Design of Aluminum Door

Currently, aluminum doors are widely sold with various models and designs. You can choose which design best suits your home. If you use a minimalist or modern design, choose a simple main door model with a unique design as shown in the picture.

On the door there is a glass that serves as the entry of sunlight. However, the glass is not really clearly visible from the outside so it does not interfere with the privacy and comfort of the occupants of the house.

This door model is also suitable for modern office buildings.

8. Aluminum Frame Model

Aluminum door frame design can also be an idea for a room in the house. This design can give the impression of being spacious and relieved in a narrow or small room. This model is suitable for homes with minimalist, modern to industrial designs.

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