Minimalist and Simple Alternative Room Dividers

In the midst of this limited land, many people choose a mini-sized house, and the challenge in having a mini house is the use of room dividers. Maybe you are also sometimes confused about how to divide the room as effectively as possible without having to spend a lot of money.

Actually, a permanent barrier in the form of a wall is not a solution in owning this house; better avoided. The use of wall dividers will even make it difficult for you to arrange the layout of the room because the house has been permanently partitioned. So how do you deal with the division of the house?

Try using some of the following alternatives…

Alternative Room Dividers with Simple Things

1. Display Cabinets as well as an Event Displaying Collections

This thing has been used a lot by people to block the room. This cupboard is used to store objects such as photo frames, decorations, and other objects that have aesthetic value. Generally, display cabinets are used to divide the living room and dining room.

2. Glass Window Frames to Give an Artistic Impression

Want to exercise your creativity? Try experimenting with making room dividers using glass window frames. No need to bother buying new window frames.

You can use old window frames; Besides having more aesthetic value, used windows can also save your expenses. If you’ve gathered all the materials you need, then it’s time to start experimenting. Look for examples of barriers using windows as inspiration if you really get stuck.

3. Wooden Box as a Practical and Multifunctional Alternative

If you have lots of wooden boxes, then you are in luck. You can make a wooden box as an alternative to dividers as a substitute for display cabinets and bookshelves. First, beautify the wooden boxes that you have before they are arranged to become barriers, and don’t forget to adjust them to the interior of the house.

4. Bamboo as a Room Divider with a Natural Impression

If you have a house with a natural concept, try considering bamboo barriers. In addition to giving a natural impression, bamboo is also able to give an aesthetic and artistic impression. Maybe you know that bamboo is widely used by artists as an element of art, for example the art of bamboo structures. One thing you need to note, arranging bamboo is not as easy as arranging wooden boxes.

You can find inspiration for bamboo arrangements and also how to arrange them on the internet.

5. Aquarium to Provide a Fun Atmosphere

Aquarium is suitable for you to make a bulkhead if you also want to keep fish and it is not possible to make a pond. Usually, the aquarium is used as a barrier between the living room and the living room, or the living room and dining room.

Interestingly, you can also beautify the contents of the aquarium with various elements; such as corals, plants in water, lights, and others.

It is guaranteed that your living room will be very lively, guests will also feel at home sitting in the living room while observing the contents of the aquarium.

6. Sliding Doors to Maintain Privacy

Not everyone feels comfortable if the room divider still has a gap for others to see. Indeed, the safest barrier is a permanent wall, but you also deserve to take sliding doors into consideration.

The use of sliding doors is very beneficial. When you need privacy, you can close it tightly and open it wide if you don’t need it.

7. Curtains as the Most Economical Room Divider Choice

Have limited funds? Don’t worry, you can also use curtains as an alternative barrier that is very cheap. Especially now that curtains are available in various models, even the motifs are also many.

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