Modern Bathroom With Multiple Functions

Modern bathroom, regardless of its size should be double; ritual to cleanse themselves and ‘space’ for its relaxation. For small bathrooms, the relaxation function can be applied to the selection of interior colors are soothing, clean and not ‘crowded’. Bathroom fixtures tailored to the size of the room and did not look full. Wall cabinets is helpful to hide the equipment is not used.

For medium-sized bathroom and large, we can not replicate the function of the grand hotel style. Use lots of mirrors to increase the feeling of space and luxury. Put a chair and a small table in the corner to enjoy a tea or coffee warm while browsing on your tablet computer with. If you like, you can add TV (waterproof) and gym equipment that does not take up space.

Keep the bathroom floor clean, dry, not humid room, and always smell nice fresh. Don forget always place the equipment in place after use bathroom.

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