Open Minimalist Kitchen Design Inspiration Behind the House

The open minimalist kitchen design behind the house is in great demand because it is simple. In addition, the air in the cooking room feels fresher and smoke-free because it is in an open area. Interested in applying it? Check out the design inspiration, come on!

Currently, there are many modern houses that apply the concept of an open kitchen. The reason is, the open design concept is considered to have advantages in terms of cost and design.

With an open concept, the cooking area no longer requires additional kitchen ventilation such as an exhaust fan or cooker hood. In addition, a kitchen with an open concept can also make the atmosphere look wider and have fresh air.

How, interested in using an open kitchen design at home?

Here are some designs that can be your inspiration!

inspiration open kitchen design with small backyard

The remaining land behind the house can be used as an open kitchen.

If the available area is large enough, you can also design a kitchen that faces the garden.

This design will make the kitchen atmosphere fresher. Don’t forget to add a transparent roof at the top of the building to keep the kitchen area bright but also protected from the sun and rain.

Kitchens in open areas can also look modern and comfortable even without the use of a kitchen set. As shown in the picture, a kitchen at the back of the house feels comfortable and shady with a simple cast kitchen table.

The cast table uses ceramics in the same color as the floor and backsplash, thus providing a unified design. While under the table, the kitchen without a kitchen set is added with a curtain cover so that the appearance looks neat.

Limited land left behind the house?

Don’t worry, a small area like a hallway can also be used to make a simple kitchen. Make a cast kitchen table with a sink and backsplash. You can also add chairs and a small dining table in the area as a small dining room.

For the convenience of cooking and eating activities, you should use a closed roof, but don’t forget to add ventilation so that the room doesn’t feel cramped.

The beautiful natural scenery behind the house can also be used as a natural touch to the kitchen. You can design an open kitchen with a stove overlooking the natural scenery behind the house.

Don’t forget to add a roof so that cooking activities are not disturbed by the weather, OK?

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