Small Bathroom Shelf Design Inspirations That Make The Appearance So Neat And Beautiful

The bathroom shelf design can be a solution for arranging equipment in a narrow room so it looks neat and beautiful. Here are 8 design inspirations that you can try to apply. Having a small room is a challenge in itself in arranging it.

The small bathroom at home is no exception. Limited space is often one of the problems in designing. Even though ideally the bathroom should always be neatly arranged so that the bath routine makes you feel fresh, comfortable and relaxed.

Placing shelves is one way to make the atmosphere of a small room tidy. So that you are no longer confused about placing various toiletries and toiletries, here we present 8 design inspirations.

Bathroom Shelf Design Inspirations

1. High Shelf Design

Tall shelves are an effective way to make a small bathroom feel spacious. Avoid placing it horizontally because this position will take up space and cannot be used more optimally. Choose a high-design shelf that attaches directly to the wall. To get the impression of space, present a mirror at the back.

2. Mini Glass Shelf

You can also use a mini shelf with glass for a small bathroom. Glass itself is one of the best materials that can be used, because it is waterproof and easy to clean. Don’t forget to clean it regularly to avoid this shelf from sticking mold. Also choose a thick glass and attach it firmly to the wall so that it is durable and not easy to break.

3. Inside the Wall

Having shelves inside the wall is also a very good idea for a small bathroom. You can make this shelf during the construction process and place it in the shower area. Store there bath necessities such as shampoo, soap and others so that it is easier when you need them.

4. Bathroom Corner Shelf

Make use of the remaining area in the corner of the room by installing shelves is also a good idea. Choose the shape and design of the shelf according to the size of the room. Avoid choosing a large shelf because it will make the room feel cramped.

5. Wooden Shelf on the Side of the Closet

In the closet is often forgotten, even though you can use this area to place shelves. Make a wooden divider to separate the shower and toilet area. Then on the side of the closet, add a wooden shelf attached to the divider. The use of wooden elements in the bathroom can give a warm and comfortable feel.

6. Unique Box Shaped Shelves

Have a unique bathroom by using wooden boxes as shelves. Install this wooden shelf against the wall, make sure it sticks firmly. This rack is suitable for storing dry toiletries such as tissue supplies, towels and more. To beautify, also add small plants.

7. Shelf Under the Sink

Usually the bottom of the sink has an empty area that is left alone. You can take advantage of this empty area by placing cabinets and shelves. Place a wardrobe with a minimalist design to store towels and other bath necessities.

8. Open Concept Design

Open shelves are a minimalist design that you can present in a small bathroom. The design is simple and has no walls so it looks spacious. Choose a design that has a vertical arrangement to save space. Its small size makes this shelf suitable to be placed near the sink.

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