The 10 Best Chandeliers Design for Your Home Interior Decor

Chandeliers or  pendant lamps can usually be found in various homes. Apart from being a source of light, a good chandelier can give a special charm to the room. Chandeliers have many types, for example, minimalist, contemporary, or antique chandeliers.

Collaborating with the experts: How to choose a chandelier

Before buying a chandelier, make sure you know exactly what kind of product you want. If not, the sign you have to understand first how to choose it. In the following review, we will discuss the aspects that must be considered when choosing the best chandelier.

Chandelier products on the market are very varied. In order not to buy the wrong one, you should know the various types of chandeliers first. The chandelier itself is generally distinguished by the shape or style that you want to carry. Here’s a brief explanation.

  • Based on the shape

There are linear chandeliers, domes, cones, and cylinders. A linear chandelier is a series of lights that are arranged in parallel in a straight frame. Meanwhile, dome, cone, and cylindrical chandeliers are categorized based on the shape of the lampshade.

  • Based on the style

There is a chandelier that is minimal in ornamentation so it is suitable for a minimalist style. There are also chandeliers with classic designs such as candle holders and decorative bulb chandeliers that bring a rustic impression.  Not to forget, abstract chandeliers created by special designers are also in great demand.

Pay attention to the ingredients

As with other decoration products, the materials used for the production of chandeliers also vary. Starting from plastic materials to iron you can find. To find out the character of each chandelier material, consider the following points.

Wood, giving a warm effect to the room

Wood is a natural material that can be used for various human needs. One of them is to make furniture and other decorative elements, such as chandeliers. Apart from the light, the natural elements of wood never fail to radiate warmth to the room. Another plus, wood is an environmentally friendly and sustainable material.

Wood gives a natural and elegant look to the room. If you choose a wooden chandelier, be diligent in cleaning it because this lamp has pores on its surface.

If you want a chandelier that is easier to maintain, choose one made of synthetic wood. This is because synthetic wood lamps do not have pores on the surface that can trap dust.

Iron, strong and more durable

A chandelier is a light source whose installation hangs from the ceiling of the room. If the constituent material is not strong, the chandelier will certainly fall or be damaged easily. Therefore, iron is the most common material used to make chandeliers because of its strong nature. 

When choosing an iron chandelier, you don’t need to be afraid of rust. Today’s lighting products have used a lot of anti-rust finishing  for the iron material. This makes the metal chandelier safe and rust-free.

The use of iron material in the lamp can give an industrial and masculine impression to the appearance of the room. In addition, the iron material is also easy to clean.

Chandeliers from iron material provide many attractive models because the material is easy to process. However, you still have to pay attention to the quality of the product. Choose an iron chandelier with a good quality paint finish and not easy to rust.

Glass, bring a luxurious feel into your room

Generally, people choose glass material for living room chandeliers. That’s because the glass chandelier looks more luxurious and attracts attention. Especially if your glass chandelier has beautiful crystal details. This type of chandelier will make people easily impressed when they see it.

Match the style of the chandelier to your home

Although the types of chandeliers vary greatly, you still have to carefully choose the one that best suits your residential style. Is your home a minimalist, Japanese , rustic , or eclectic style? Each of these residential styles certainly has characteristics that can be used as a reference for choosing a matching decorative ornament. No exception for the selection of the chandelier.

Timeless minimalist style

In the chandelier, the minimalist style is characterized by the lack of additional design components. In addition to being suitable for minimalist homes, this type of chandelier can also be a counterweight to an already crowded room. The minimalist design of the chandelier seems timeless so that it will still be relevant for years to come.

Minimalist furniture design is an architectural style that is not consumed by trends and time. This is because the shaper is a simple geometry without a pattern that is influenced by trends. This also makes minimalist furniture designs less boring. In addition, minimalist chandeliers are also always relevant to the latest culture because they are neutral. 

Antique and classic style that always has an interesting story

Have you ever visited a place and found a hanging lamp that has been passed down through the generations? There must be an interesting story behind it so that the hanging lamp is still maintained. That’s more or less the picture of an antique hanging lamp.

To get it today, you don’t have to go to a thrift store. Many new products also have antique elements. These elements are usually seen in terms of design or an interesting philosophy . It is appropriate if you want to make the chandelier as a heritage object that will look antique in the future.  

An eclectic chandelier that always goes well with all interior styles

In short, eclectic means combining the best elements of various styles . In this way, a very coherent and harmonious whole will be created. This can also be applied to the design of the chandelier. The eclectic chandelier is perfect for decorating almost any interior style. If you are confused about choosing the right chandelier for your home, an eclectic chandelier can be your choice.

The eclectic style is a suitable theme for those of you who are exploratory in the arrangement of the interior of the room. An eclectic style lamp can be a theme matcher for those of you who like a mix of classic and modern themed furniture. This alloy creates a unique but interesting impression. Also pay attention to the color of the eclectic style lamps to match the color scheme of the room you are decorating.

Adjust the size of the lamp to the room

At first glance, you might think that a small chandelier is for a small room and a large chandelier for a large room. Do not rush to conclusions because it is not necessarily absolutely true. Why is that? Because in addition to size, the design of the chandelier is also influential .

A large chandelier with a minimalist design can be suitable for a small room. Likewise with a large room, it may even match up with a small chandelier with a more complex design. If you are in doubt, it’s a good idea to consult with the seller or your interior designer. If possible, you can perform simulations with the help of technology.

Proportion is an obligation and the main principle in planning the architectural style of the interior of your room. We recommend that you determine the location of the placement of your chandelier carefully so that you can determine the size of the chandelier that suits your needs.

Make sure the chandelier is easy to clean

Given the placement of chandeliers that are difficult to reach, it’s a good idea to choose a chandelier that is easy to clean. Easy criteria can be seen from the design of the lamp which is not much indented . In addition, chandeliers that are easy to clean usually have very few components . 

It will be very tiring if you have difficulty reaching it and it turns out that the lamp is difficult to clean. The most efficient cleaning is using a vacuum cleaner. However, if you don’t have one, you can use a duster or duster.

Maintenance is an important consideration when choosing the right lamp for your needs. Cleaning lights in high locations is an activity that definitely cannot be done every day. So, make sure the lamp has a material surface that does not deposit dust.

Some examples of chandeliers that can be used as inspiration for your home interior design


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