The 10 Best Under Stair Designs for Your Home

Having a minimalist home requires you to think smart in utilizing space, one of which is under the stairs. Who would have thought, it turns out that the other side of this house has many benefits if you know how to change its use value. There are many interesting design inspirations under the stairs to dive into. This time, we will help you make a choice by providing a variety of designs as well as tips so that you can choose the best one to apply at home. Let’s take a look together and choose your favorite design below!

  1. Mini Kitchen

The first inspiration for the space under the stairs that you can use is the kitchen. This design will be very suitable to be applied to the space under the stairs which is far enough from the floor so that not only make good use of it, but you can also cook comfortably and safely.

Not only will you get a spacious home including the space under the stairs, you will also be pampered with a variety of complete and spacious facilities in the residential area.

  1. Shoe rack

Not only making it a kitchen, making the space under the stairs as a shoe rack is also the right choice. Especially for those of you who always want the house to look neat from the shoes scattered on the floor. You need to be careful and thorough to design the shoe rack under the stairs so that it fits and is also neat so that it is not only useful but also beautiful to look at.

  1. Bookcase

The bookshelf under the stairs is also one of the perfect decorations to apply, especially for those of you who have a minimalist home. In addition, you can also add a rug or chair so that your baby and you can read a wide selection of books comfortably. Don’t forget to add lighting to the bookshelf to make it look more elegant.

  1. Bathroom

If you have a space under the stairs that is quite wide and high, one way to use it is to make a bathroom or toilet. Use bright colors and add a few ornamental plants in it to make it feel wider and fresh. This will make you, your family, and even guests more comfortable using this facility.

  1. Television room

You can also use the space under the stairs to place the television. The television room design above can be the perfect inspiration! In addition to using a sofa, you can also add a comfortable carpet so that the space under the stairs as well as the television room can also be a comfortable family room.

  1. Small Garden

Do you have a minimalist basement? Another way to use it is to create a small garden so that the room will look not only beautiful and aesthetic but also feel more spacious. This design is perfect for those of you who want to bring a natural atmosphere into the house. 

  1. Cabinet for plates

Another way to organize the space under the stairs is to allocate it as a beautiful dish rack. Provide plenty of space or cavities under the stairs and make sure the material you use is strong enough to withstand the weight of the kitchen utensils you want to store. The decoration of the downstairs room is so interesting, isn’t it?

  1. Mini Bar

Besides being able to be designed as a comfortable place for families, you can also use the space under the stairs as a mini bar. Just like before, make sure you use a strong shelf material so that it can accommodate glasses and drinks in the same place. Don’t forget to add lighting to certain parts to make it look more authentic!

  1. Multifunction

If it is quite difficult to decide the function of the space under the stairs, then you can also use it to meet the needs of many things. Some of them are hanging important items or keys, putting toys, shoe racks, seating locations, to storing other important files in the same place, namely the space under the stairs. Thus, you can maximize the use value of the space under the stairs that you have.

  1. Workspace

Utilizing under the stairs as a work location is also not impossible if you know the design to the right furniture to fill it. If you are afraid of making a mistake, you can also ask for help from people who are experts in the interior so that they can design the shape as well as arrange the equipment in the perfect position so that you will feel comfortable and at home working in that location.
Those are some inspirations for the design of the basement that you can apply at home. You need to pay attention to the distance of the stairs and the floor first before deciding on the right design. If you are not so sure about your choice, consult with people who understand better whether friends, family or people who are experts in this field is the perfect solution. So, you can avoid regrets in the future. So, which basement design is your choice?

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