This is The Secret of Home Kitchen Design

You would agree that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. Why? The kitchen is like a secret room for mothers to mix daily menus that can captivate the family’s stomach. Well , it turns out that the secret of home kitchen design that you should know.

lol ? What’s the secret?

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As we know that the kitchen design in every home is certainly different. There is a kitchen that is inside the house, even a kitchen that is separated from the rest of the house .

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It turns out that the kitchen design also varies. Therefore, we will discuss about:

  • Kitchen design in the house.
  • Outdoor kitchen design.
  • Kitchen design with plants .

Eits … do not take this for granted. Guaranteed all the discussion in this article is something new and can inspire you to create a dream kitchen. What are you waiting for? This is our first discussion…


Before we discuss further, do you imagine what an ethnic style kitchen looks like? What is the ethnic kitchen design like? An easy explanation, an ethnic themed kitchen is a kitchen that carries a traditional theme. However, you only need to present the typical elements of the kitchen style.

For example this…You are very interested in having a classic Sundanese-style kitchen , so just look for the main elements of the design. This is the main element that you will have to present in the kitchen in your home.

You can present this classic Sundanese-style touch to:

  • Wall pattern.
  • Floor pattern.
  • Kitchen furniture.
  • Kitchen furniture.

You can choose one of them to display ethnic elements or even apply ethnic elements in all parts.

It’s not just the selection of items that should be in the kitchen. An ethnic-style kitchen will also be felt if you: Ethnic patterns that highlight the characteristics of the style you want to display. To be more unique, you can add some ethnic carvings that you want to highlight. Then…

If you really want to show a familiar rural atmosphere, you can use: Natural motifs or patterns of wood , leaves, and even patterns of certain types of animals. This method will certainly be very unique considering that it is rarely used in urban areas.


If you want to combine and highlight modern elements in your kitchen, you can use more modern equipment. Confused? Just do this simple and simple way: Apply the ethnic pattern that you want to highlight on the use of curtains or tablecloths in the kitchen.

Wouldn’t the kitchen be invisible to others? Yes, indeed the kitchen will not be seen by others, but… With an ethnic kitchen design, the kitchen at home will look more attractive. What are the advantages of a kitchen that carries an ethnic style? Ethnic style kitchens are not as complicated as kitchens with other styles. This means… Ethnic kitchens are synonymous with something simple, so they don’t require a lot of furniture in every corner. Therefore … an ethnic-style kitchen is also very suitable to be applied to a minimalist home.


Can you imagine what kind of kitchen atmosphere like this? You can cook in the kitchen in the house with the feel of the outdoors. This kitchen will certainly give a different feel. Cooking will also be a very fun activity.

It would be more fun to have an outdoor kitchen or outside the house. However… This is sometimes just a dream for most people because of limited budget, limited space, to an unsupportive climate. Just pay attention to these few points to be able to create a kitchen with an outdoor feel:

  • Pay attention to the position of the kitchen

This becomes very important to highlight the feel of an outdoor kitchen in the house. Why is it important? The position of the kitchen will certainly determine how much natural light will enter. If your kitchen faces south, it will get a lot of sunlight.

It’s different when…Your kitchen faces north, so there will be less sunlight coming in. The more light that enters will make the room look more natural .

  • Use Glass Door

You will definitely agree that a glass door can make a room more spacious. Well … a glass door is also very suitable for those of you who want to bring an outdoor feel to the kitchen in the house. Why is this door rated right? By using this door , then…More natural light will enter the house.

In addition, you can also see the outside view while cooking.

  • Install Skylights

Feel privacy disturbed by glass doors? You can use skylights on the roof of the kitchen. In this way, you will be able to get direct sunlight. Especially if the selected skylight is a model that can be opened and closed.

Fresh air in the morning and evening will enter the house.

  • Use Natural Colors

If you have applied some of the previous points, complete the kitchen with a variety of natural color choices. For example this: Use blue on the kitchen ceiling. In addition, you can also use these colors for other parts of the kitchen: Green grass, yellow sun, and white clouds.

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